Patients on heart transplant waiting list – results

Authors: I. Málek;  M. Hegarová;  L. Hošková;  M. Podzimková;  Z. Dorazilová;  T. Gazdič;  I. Netuka
Published in: Kardiol Rev Int Med 2011, 13(1): 41-43
Category: From Heart Failure to Heart Transplantation


Advanced cardiac failure is a high risk period for the development of complications and patient mortality. Following inclusion on the heart-transplant waiting list, intensive efforts are necessary to minimize these risks. The following work represents a retrospective analy­sis of a group of patients who were examined and included on the IKEM waiting list during defined period of time. Mortality during the waiting period was 13%, two times lower than in the early stages of the programme. This positive result, achieved despite the extension of the waiting period, is an indication of the significant progress made in the conservative treatment of cardiac failure. The development of these procedures is still in progress and we believe that there is potential for yet more reduction in the mortality of patients with advanced cardiac failure.

heart transplant – advanced cardiac failure – waiting-list


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Paediatric cardiology Internal medicine Cardiac surgery Cardiology
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